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I Cross This Universe: Vinyl
  • I Cross This Universe: Vinyl
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My new album 'I Cross This Universe' is now available on vinyl. Inspired by the concept of time travel, the multiverse, the butterfly effect and the idea that we’re all connected to something greater than ourselves. The 10-track album courses through many tempos and moods. Songs that take the listener on a journey through love, loss, hope, grief, and new beginnings. It was produced by Gavin Glass and has some great special guest performances from Albert Lee, Moya Brennan, Rachel Grace, Beth McNinch and Paul Brennan.

Hotpress Magazine - ‘Superb’ ‘Simply Marvellous’ ‘Powerful Stuff’ ‘I Cross This Universe, exhibits a mastery of melody, language and storytelling that’s positively Van Morrison-esque.’

The Irish Times - ‘There is an admirable sentiment behind this record, and it’s a joy to hear Tuohy sing in his own accent.’

Mystic Sons - 'I Cross This Universe showcases some of the most beautifully composed song writing we have heard all year.’

Top Music News - 'A sonic journey that transports you to a place of peace and serenity.'

Indie Underated - ‘Tuohy’s vocals are soulful and rich, with a tone reminiscent of artists like Elliot Smith.’

Devine Magazine - ‘Singing from the soul, songs that are simple, raw, and authentic.’

A Little More Vodka - ‘Each track is a mini-masterpiece’

Mezmerised - ‘Majestic. Malachy’s vocals hit so deep and profoundly, such a rare gift for a songwriter.’

Authority Magazine - ‘I Cross This Universe showcases Tuohy’s impressive range as an artist and songwriter.’

Track Listing

Side A

I Cross This Universe

Song For Suzie



Most Of The Time

Side B




Rainy Boy Sleep

The Artist

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